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Currently, our roadmap consists of 3 phases.

Phase 1: expanding HAY’s market share

Phase 1 will be implemented by introducing a new asset class of destablecoins, and becoming the dominant provider within the BNB ecosystem, overtaking the traditional stablecoin market
During Phase 1, we will start and launch our over-collateralization model where liquid staked BNB tokens will be used as collateral for borrowing HAY.
To increase HAY adoption, the team is planning to partner up with various DeFi protocols running on BSC, such as DEXs and AMMs. At the same time, we also plan to own and utilize the native tokens of these DeFi protocols to influence (through voting and governance) rewards emission on their platforms, similar to that of Curve finance’s CRV tokens. At the same time, we will also be actively incentivizing liquidity pools across DEXs to generate further incentives and revenue for users.
Towards the end of phase 1, we are also aiming to provide different forms of collateral other than just BNB.
By the end of phase 1, we aim to increase the market cap of HAY to $1B, and that will also mean having ~$1.51B worth of BNB in collateral on Helio.

Phase 2: cross-chain expansion and governance

By phase 2, we will be aiming to be the top and largest provider of destablecoin within the BNB ecosystem.
After which, we will begin exploring cross-chain opportunities as well to further our reach, starting with EVM chains, followed by non-EVM chains
At the same time, we will be launching our community governance on Helio by utilizing our native token, HELIO as well as further exploring new opportunities for HELIO to increase the token’s value and utility.

Phase 3: going mainstream + retail adoption

By phase 3, we aim to have already established ourselves as one of the key providers in the destablecoin market across all chains with a size-able outreach and adoption in HAY.
By this time, we will be focusing on mass adoption by getting listed on Centralized Exchanges as base pairs with other crypto assets as well as integrations with mainstream FinTech applications to provide and boost day-to-day usage, bridging the gap between Web2.0 and Web3.0 through the use of our HAY destablecoin.
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