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Phase 1

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    We will be focusing on building a safe and secure protocol with solid liquidity and strong utility case for HAY on BNBchain. This will include the formation & strengthening of partnerships and integrations between different DeFi Protocols on BNBchain.
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    We will also be focused on integrating ETH LSTs and respective LP tokens as a collateral option for HAY, diversifying our portfolio as well as providing users with more collateral options.
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    At the same time, we will also be upgrading our smart contracts to be more scalable, which includes the following features; collateral management factory contract, optimised liquidation, collateral asset dynamic rebalancing, AMO, to stabilise the price of HAY.

Phase 2

By phase 2, we will be aiming to be the top and largest provider of destablecoin within the BNB ecosystem.
After which, we will begin exploring cross-chain opportunities as well to further our reach, starting with Ethereum, followed by Ethereum Layer-2s such as Arbitrum & ZKsync.
We will also be collaborating with tier-1 Centralised exchanges to make HAY and snBNB accessible to more users
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